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StaffingScore News
StaffingScore Targets the IT Temporary Staffing Industry – Press Release Jul-18-2017
The ASHVINS Group, Inc. announces the Beta Test release of a new application, StaffingScore, targeting the Temporary Staffing and Recruiting Industry. StaffingScore is the first application that addresses a void in the Temporary Staffing Industry – a means to measure and document the quality of a contractor’s work performance.
Hold Temporary IT Staff Accountable - It's Time to Ask IT Contractors to Step Up Their Game Jun-28-2017
In the age of rapidly changing technology, the use of temporary IT resources to fuel critical projects is a strategic necessity for most organizations. There is no question that IT contractors are important and expensive resources. The excellent ones are worth gold and the ones who perform poorly, the “underachievers”, can wreak havoc on project schedules and budgets. StaffingScore is a new staffing support tool that offers a professional Performance Evaluation System for contractors to motivate higher performance.

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